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Elnita and I have been friends, and occasionally sparring partners, for about thirty years.

We first met in London, if memory serves me right, at a little place off Tottenham Court Road not far from Heal’s – remember that? The first of the ‘cool’ and ‘hip’ furniture stores, way before Ikea, Habitat and the like. It was just before Christmas – of this I am sure, as I had taken the opportunity of ordering a turkey and ham from my mother-in-law’s butcher, having had the foresight to obtain import licences from our then island home of Trinidad and Tobago.

Why you ask take a turkey and ham on a ten-hour flight to a country surely able to produce both? Well back then I was a young wife and mother, not I have to say in my first developing country, but still gullible to the words of so-called advice Continue Reading…